Wednesday, May 21, 2014

La tarea para mayo

The homework assigned in class today was:

 miércoles, el 21 de mayo: Use the Study Guide you received in class today to prepare for the Chapter 4B test on Friday.

jueves, el 15 de mayo:  Due Monday -- Make a study system for the rest of the Ch. 4B vocabulary expressions on the handout
 Due Wednesday -- Learn the expressions on your study system; Textbook pg. 211 Act. 22 to hand in

martes, el 13 de mayo: Ir + a + infinitive worksheet to be handed in; Practice Workbook pg. 82; Start working on study system for the last group of flashcards!!

viernes, el 9 de mayo: Practice Workbook pg. 81, Use your study system to learn the Ch. 4B vocabulary expressions for a quiz. Be sure you know how to use the "feelings" expressions with the verb "estar."

miércoles, el 7 de mayo: Practice Workbook pgs. 79, 80;  Textbook pg. 205 Act. 12 To hand in

lunes, el 5 de mayo: Practice Workbook pgs. 77, 78; Make a study system (flashcards, digital flashcards, memory game, folded paper list) for the Ch. 4B vocabulary on the handout

jueves, el 1 de mayo -- Practice Workbook pg. 76

Thursday, April 17, 2014

La tarea para abril

The homework assigned in class today was:

jueves, el 17 de abril: No homework over break. Remember, the Ch. 4A test is on Thursday, May 1.

Chapter 4A Test Study Guide


Vocabulario y Gramática

            Fill in the blank using the correct form of "ir" and the most logical place name from Ch. 4A. Use 
"a la" and "al" correctly.

                        example:  Para nadar, yo _______________________________________

            Scrambled questions -- Unscramble the words and write them in the correct order
            (like pg. 184 Activity 15).

            Complete mini-conversations using the correct question words.
                        example:  -- ¿_________________  estudias?

                                         -- En la biblioteca.

Culture -- Know how to say United States in Spanish.

                  Give 3 culture facts about St. Augustine or San Antonio or
                  San Juan, Puerto Rico

Escribir – An exchange student from Venezuela is going to spend the summer with your family and wants to know about your typical activities. Write an e-mail message and tell him/her what you and your family do in the summer and where you go. Include expressions to tell when or how often you do some of the activities. Include at least 4 of the following expressions:

on the weekends
on Mondays, etc.
free time

Your message should be at least 6 sentences long, with a minimum of 6 words per sentence.

martes, el 15 de abril: Practice asking and answering the questions for the conversation on pg. 191; In class, you will have 10 minutes to practice after being assigned a partner. You will not be able to use your notes for your presentation.

viernes, el 11 de abril: Write the 4-6 questions listed in the Prepare section on pg. 191

miercoles, el 9 de abril: WAV pg. 77; Study the interrogatives (check the list on pg. 184) for a quiz; Know the words, be able to use them to write fill in the blank questions, be able to use them to write your own questions

lunes, el 7 de abril: Practice Workbook pgs. 72 and 73

jueves, el 3 de abril: Practice Workbook pgs. 69 - 70

martes, el 1 de abril: Study your flashcards for a quiz; be able to use the places with "a la" or "al" as needed; Practice Workbook pg.71